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Experiment today. All day. Be an alchemist of your inner chemistry. Simply chant OM Shanti silently with every breath you take. OM is the sound of all creation, and Shanti is Sanskrit for peace. By silently chanting this simple mantra … Continue reading

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Rise Up and Fly!

Rise up, spread your wings, and fly! The entire universe is waiting to embrace you. This is what the following mantra from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad is all about: OM Asatoma Sat Gamaya Tamasoma Jyotir Gamaya Mrtyorma Amritam Gamaya. Lead us from … Continue reading

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I Am…

As the ancient texts of Yoga teach us, our thoughts lead to our actions, our actions create our habits, our habits form or character and our character determines our destiny. All too often we have a negative inner dialogue, one … Continue reading

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Yoga for the Mind

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In Deep Yoga practice, we seek to harmonize the mind with the breath and body, creating a meditation in motion to use as a passageway into Pure Consciousness. A key to this practice is repetition of a silent mantra, which … Continue reading

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Breathing Peace, Being Peace

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Mantra has the power to heal many things, especially our emotions. We’ve all had times when a thought spins endlessly in our minds, when we feel agitated and distracted, when it seems like we just can’t make all the mental … Continue reading

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The Power of Sacred Sound

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Yoga teaches us that the cosmos arose from the vibration of sound.  Within all life there is a vibration at the cellular level, just as there is in the galaxies… and the sound is always OM.  Long before there were … Continue reading

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