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The Secret Key

Are there areas of your life where you feel imbalanced, stuck or unhappy? Do you want to resolve those challenges and find greater balance, freedom and inner peace? Most of us would answer yes. But most of us would also … Continue reading

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Samadhi ~ Absorption

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Among the very most important texts in Yoga is the Yoga Sutras, written by the sage Patanjali in the 2nd Century, BC. In it, he articulates eight limbs which comprise the “Royal Path” of Yoga. The eighth limb, Samadhi, is … Continue reading

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Get Up Daddy! Climbing Out of the Abyss

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I was a war correspondent for NBC News, reaching heights in my career that I never dreamed possible. Every story was an amazing adventure. The front lines of the Persian Gulf War. Inside Afghanistan with the mujahideen during the Soviet … Continue reading

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The Yoga of Fasting

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From the perspective of Ayurveda, the healing science of Yoga, the food we eat is either medicine or poison. Fresh, organic vegetables, grains and fruits are considered the best medicine of all. Processed, packaged, fast and junk foods are considered … Continue reading

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Hungry for Change

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You are what you eat. This simple saying holds great wisdom and truth. In practicing Ayurveda, among the very first considerations we have when seeing a client is the quality of their diet. A new documentary, entitled Hungry for Change, … Continue reading

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