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Deep Yoga Mastery of Life Trainings

Deep Yoga Pranam

Experience the wisdom embodied in the sacred sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda.
Join us for Mastery of Life Trainings in San Diego at Ginseng Yoga Studio:

Deep Yoga Trainings

4 Responses to Mastery Trainings

  1. Jill Fellows says:

    just that i loved all you had to say with George, and what a story…..
    i can relate, i have been dealing with back stuff and sciatica pain for
    4-5 years now, and have improved greatly with as you say…meditation etc. though i feel i may
    need some help, a push a pull to get to all the healing necessary to heal, and as i will be visiting a
    friend in Imperial Beach, San Diego in june july i was wondering if i might ask you for some further guidance on my road to total healing and well being, at the moment i am living in Baja Sur, Mexico 500 miles south of SD border and that you and Deep Yoga are so close and right on
    my path just coming up here in a month well i am allowing myself to feel optimistic that by
    working with you i may be able to avoid getting things like “new hips”. (a year ago my Dr. in
    NYC said i would need after looking at my MRI, i pretended not to hear and go for the self-healing
    methods, if possible, though i fear, no, no fears I feel i may need some help to complete the process, and after listening to your conversation with George i felt you and your Deep Yoga group may be just the ticket, as ‘they’ say. Looking forward to talk with you to healing with you.

    • Bhava Ram says:

      Thanks for writing Jill. Details on our healing services are here.
      We can arrange a single session for you given your location, etc., just let me know. Email to schedule.
      All the best!

      • jill fellows says:

        just reading this today, so thanks for your response, eventhough i was a bit long winded, sorry about that…anyway i will arrive SanDiego by the 25th of june, so yes, a single session may be best, is your place open each day for classes, etc. May i stop in at
        anytime, or better to make an appointment. Gracias,jj

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