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Release the calculation. There’s nothing to add up. Or subtract. No problem to solve. You’re not an equation. The only bottom line is erasing all the numbers and blowing away the dust. Then you become a blank page. Perfect. Now … Continue reading

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Free Falling

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Your body is a spiritual ecosystem. A song. A poem. Come alive! Use it to create rituals of rhythmic movement. Bow down to the earth, reach up to the sky. Experience yourself as the juncture between heaven and earth. Let wild … Continue reading

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Breath, Move, Touch…

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Our capacity to destroy ourselves and one another Is eclipsed by our capacity to heal ourselves and one another. Breath, move, touch… Come alive within. The wild rivers of Mother Earth are flowing through your veins. Breath, move, touch… The … Continue reading

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I’m on a little journey right now, leading a weekend “The Guru Is You” workshop/retreat at Kripalu Yoga & Health Center in the stunning Berkshire mountains of western Massachusetts. Kripalu embraces you the moment you arrive. There is stillness, balance, and … Continue reading

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Trance, Zen, Dance

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Sometimes we stick ourselves in a cage, lock the door, and lose the key, taking a seat on the hard, cold bench of our ego and making false agreements. “I’m unworthy. I can’t change. Why bother?” Then we project our … Continue reading

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Jump Up

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The lapping of waves. Wind whispering through leafy trees. Chirps and cries of winged things. A child’s lament. God has so many songs to sing. How long has it been? Go quickly and find a patch of grass. Lie down … Continue reading

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The embrace

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Your body is sacred earth, a fertile continent flush with wild rivers streaming. Taste only that which honors this landscape. Your mind is more precious yet. What are you bringing to its lips? Chant endless affirmations to the divine soul … Continue reading

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