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Bhava Ram ( is a former NBC Foreign Correspondent who healed from a broken back and diagnosis of terminal cancer through the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda. His memoir, Warrior Pose, How Yoga Literally Saved My Life, details this healing journey and is scheduled to be a feature film in 2016. Bhava is the co-founder of the Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts ( and is an author, teacher, lecturer, musician and spiritual counselor. He and his wife, Laura Plumb, lead trainings and retreats in California, Europe and India.


Release the calculation. There’s nothing to add up. Or subtract. No problem to solve. You’re not an equation. The only bottom line is erasing all the numbers and blowing away the dust. Then you become a blank page. Perfect. Now … Continue reading

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Taking Aim

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The bow needs tension to project the arrow. Draw the string with deep conviction and hold true. Know the target. That dazzling, seductive little circle of destiny in the center of all that is. Unleash yourself mightily towards that. Reach into … Continue reading

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Ripple Effect

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A drop of kindness, compassion, forgiveness or gratitude has a life of its own. It heals you in subtle ways as it ripples out and touches those in your presence. This resonance spreads further through them, wider ripples that begin … Continue reading

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Eternal Language

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In silence, we speak the same language. A dialect of pure presence. This conversation holds feelings, like something dancing within us to the same rhythm. We can step together towards oneness through the unspoken conversation of eternal being, and touch … Continue reading

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Toward the Light

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It’s a perpetual journey, moving toward the darkness or moving toward the light. We never fully arrive. We hold all the saints and sages in our DNA. So, too, with the demons. In every choice, in every word, in every … Continue reading

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A Gentle Step

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It’s a slow and subtle process… moving towards the light. There is no finish line to dash to, no daunting mountain to climb. It’s done in softness with self-compassion. Step by step. Each day you have the opportunity to move … Continue reading

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The Single Song

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Drops of dew sparkle like precious stones in the kiss of morning light. In the silence, the wind offers subtle melodies to the leaves of trees. Through your breath, the soul whispers poems of love to eternity. It’s never in … Continue reading

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