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Accessing Global Support

How often have you thought of an old friend with whom you’ve lost touch and shortly thereafter they reach out and make contact with you? Perhaps you are considering a new hybrid car to be more conscious about your consumption … Continue reading

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Thank Your Pain

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Whatever aches your body or disturbs your mind, those sharp edges of unsought experiences that cut at your emotions and leave you hurting, all those uninvited events that tip you into the abyss, give them your deepest thanks. The hot … Continue reading

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The Next Step

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In a moment, softly close your eyes. Let your awareness flow down from your mind to your heart center. Visualize a golden flame of light there. Anchor into that. Breathe deeper and fuller. Feel an inner stillness and silence. Then … Continue reading

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Wampler’s Ascent

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I met Steve Wampler more than twenty years ago when I was in a body brace with a broken back. I was pretty consumed with self-pity, anger and fear, depression and uncertainty. Yet here was a man born with Cerebral Palsy … Continue reading

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Hug a Problem

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Has this or that problem persisted in your life lately? Have you done righteous battle with it? Tried to push back or vanquish it? Or maybe run away and avoid it? Today, the invitation is to give it a hug. … Continue reading

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Standing Ovation

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Walk outside as soon as you finish reading this. Give audience to whatever dazzling performance Mother Nature has produced for you. Revel in the complexity and brilliance of her talented cast: So many characters flying through the air, dancing on … Continue reading

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Just A Minute

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Take just one minute today. In this brief span, let go of everything. Just be. In your body, in your breath, in full relationship to NOW. Notice what it feels like just to be alive. Nothing to do for sixty … Continue reading

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