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Welcome Home

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I began as you did… Spirit miraculously taking human form deep inside the womb of my mother. She nourished and sheltered me until the moment was just right, then brought me forth into the world. She was, in every respect, … Continue reading

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The Whisper

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Have you ever longed to know the deeper meaning of things? Does it sometimes feel as if a profound wisdom is moving close to you but you can’t quite reach out and grasp it? Do ordinary experiences sometimes become extraordinary … Continue reading

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Tears of Joy

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Yoga is unification. Merging with our most authentic self. Connecting with our Souls. As we take this journey, we slough off years of emotional baggage that we have carried on our shoulders like the greatest of weights. It is a … Continue reading

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Guiding Light

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Open the door To the cave of your heart, And silently slip inside. Softly approach the altar. Sit and gaze gently at the golden flame. Allow it to illuminate you. Reach out. Hold the flame in the palms of your … Continue reading

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Raise a white flag inside your heart And surrender. Stand your armies down. Send the corporals and sergeants home to their families. Melt your weapons and forge instruments of song. Let your anthem be one of inclusion and acceptance. March … Continue reading

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Today. All day. Be your body. Be your breath. Feel them dance with one another. An in-breath expanding the reach. An exhale guiding the footfall. Feel rivers of life coursing through you. Find those same rivers in the sky. In … Continue reading

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Imagine embracing all that is. Being open to receive and accept whatever comes your way. Riding the ups and downs of the day with a soft smile and open heart. Imagine affirming everyone with no exceptions. Seeing the best and … Continue reading

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