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The Journey

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We’ve just completed our annual Journey Into Yoga. It is always miraculous to witness so many beautiful people embracing personal growth and finding their power. Some heal on the physical level. Others release years of emotional pain and find a … Continue reading

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The Greatest Poem Ever

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The greatest poem ever was not written eons ago nor in modern times. The greatest poem ever has not been carved in stone or inscribed on parchment. The greatest poem ever contains no verses or words. The syncopation of your … Continue reading

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The Door Was Never Locked

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The door that has been slammed on your emotions… The door that has kept you feeling caged… The door that has closed you off from healing and wholeness… The door that has shut you out from the fullest expression of … Continue reading

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Surya, the sun rises to kiss your face. Flowers gently lift and open to drink in the glow. Birds take wing seeking their morning meal. Myriads of animals crawl from their caves to scurry about. Thus commences a daily sermon … Continue reading

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Being a Human Being

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It’s a fast pace at which we travel in our daily lives. We hurry. We scurry. Before completing one task we are already contemplating the next.  As a result, it’s easy to become a Human Doing, with our entire waking … Continue reading

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Warrior Pose: How Yoga Literally Saved My Life

I am honored to share with you that my new book will be released soon: ~ As a small preview of this memoir, I’m reposting some excerpts of a previous blog about my healing journey, which I feel speaks to … Continue reading

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Your Body

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Your body wants to heal. It has been refined throughout the millennia  to survive and thrive. Your body is infused with intelligence. It knows what you need. The Yoga is in the listening and the honoring. Feel into your body. … Continue reading

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