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2012 Reflections

My love and gratitude to all of you who have participated in my Sacred Practices Blog throughout the year. Below is the annual review with highlights from blogs past. Thank you all so much, please stay in touch always, and … Continue reading

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Walking Forward

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Living each day well, in harmony with the rhythms of nature, is an expression of wisdom. In Sanskrit this is called charya. The prefix din means daily. Hence, a Dinacharya is one who walks forward in balance, mindfulness and strength. The … Continue reading

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Towards the Light

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Sacrifice, abandonment, renunciation, forsaking, leaving… these are the basic definitions of the Sanskrit word Tyaga. Tyaga is often used to describe the process of devoting oneself completely to a spiritual life while leaving everything else behind. A deeper definition of … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice. There was no apocalypse. None of the misinterpretations of the significance of the Mayan calendar proved true. It is, however, the shortest day of light in the year, and it also marks the transition point … Continue reading

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Magic Carpet

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If you have a Yoga mat, you have a magic carpet. It can fly you to realms where you’ll find untold riches, transport you through the cosmos and into the depths of your own Soul. Healing, empowerment and fulfilling your … Continue reading

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The Gift of Prema

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One of the many beautiful aspects of the Sanskrit language is the rich complexity and meaning of its words. Exploring them takes us to deeper places within the Soul and reveals the most authentic aspects of our higher Selves. Prema … Continue reading

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Neil’s Gift

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On Monday I posted a video about Neil Crammond, who has been confined to a wheelchair ever since a car accident six years ago that left him with a traumatic brain injury. Because of our Deep Yoga students and readers … Continue reading

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