The Inner Harvest

In ancient times, what we now observe as Halloween was a festival honoring the bounty of Mother Nature and the harvesting of food for the coming winter.

I invite you to make this day about a spiritual harvest.

What positive changes have you made this year? What insights have arisen? Where have you softened, opened, or progressed?

Take a few minutes, contemplate the very best in you. Then harvest it.

Just as you would only choose the nourishing fruits and vegetables from a garden, take only the most positive, spiritually nourishing accomplishments and advancements that you have made this year.

Leave the rest behind. Let the setbacks and disappointments go. Give thanks what you have been able to bring to fruition. Allow it to nourish you every day.

About Bhava Ram

Bhava Ram ( is a former NBC Foreign Correspondent who healed from a broken back and diagnosis of terminal cancer through the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda. His memoir, Warrior Pose, How Yoga Literally Saved My Life, details this healing journey and is scheduled to be a feature film in 2016. Bhava is the co-founder of the Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts ( and is an author, teacher, lecturer, musician and spiritual counselor. He and his wife, Laura Plumb, lead trainings and retreats in California, Europe and India.
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5 Responses to The Inner Harvest

  1. Kelly says:

    So beautiful! Thank you, always! Kelly

  2. Dawna says:

    This is so wonderful and makes my heart smile 🙂 Gratitude and love to you!, XO

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