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The Inner Harvest

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In ancient times, what we now observe as Halloween was a festival honoring the bounty of Mother Nature and the harvesting of food for the coming winter. I invite you to make this day about a spiritual harvest. What positive … Continue reading

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Small Acts of Kindness

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Commit a small act of kindness today. Do something kind, something good, something caring and compassionate, without anyone knowing or seeing. It can be as simple as cleaning up something discarded on the ground, calling someone you know is lonely, … Continue reading

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The Guru Is You

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The most powerful healer you will ever know is someone you have known all of your life. The greatest guide, the greatest guru is you. You possess all the insight, all the strength and all the power you need to … Continue reading

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The Fisherman and the Entrepreneur

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A great entrepreneur was vacationing on a tropical island when he came upon a fisherman pulling his boat to shore in the warm, blue waters. “How many fish did you catch?” the curious entrepreneur inquired. “Just this one,” said the … Continue reading

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Yoga for the Mind

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In Deep Yoga practice, we seek to harmonize the mind with the breath and body, creating a meditation in motion to use as a passageway into Pure Consciousness. A key to this practice is repetition of a silent mantra, which … Continue reading

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Skill In Action

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Life loves to offer us challenges large and small. There are little hills and valleys in each and every day – and often some formidable mountains to climb. It’s easy to find ourselves wondering why we must face all these … Continue reading

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World Hunger and Conscious Choices

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Last night my wife, Laura (her blog: Food-A Love Story), and I had the privilege of attending a dinner party at the home of Carolyn and Jeff Kull to honor Oxfam World Food Day. With a dozen or so people, … Continue reading

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