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Why Do Yoga Poses?

Most of us come to Yoga practice to address minor aches and pains, increase our flexibility and gain greater strength. When practiced correctly, Yoga Asana meets these goals and much more. Asana can help us heal from a host of … Continue reading

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Listen to your heart. Find a quiet place. Close your eyes. Let things still and listen closely. Catch the rhythm… thuh-thump, thuh-thump. Feel life coursing through you. Your heart like a drum, thuh-thump, thuh-thump. Blood flowing like a millions rivers … Continue reading

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Inner Child

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I invite you to find your inner child this week. Remember that sacred little person who loved to dance in the rain, believed in magic and could turn anything into a toy? The one who was always in the present … Continue reading

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Inspiration + Perspiration = Transformation

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In order to change our lives for the better, we first must become inspired. Often, it is physical or emotional suffering that provides the stimulus and motivates us to make a shift in our lives. This is why our suffering … Continue reading

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The Yoga of Wandering

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An essential aspect of Yoga is the continual cultivation of self-awareness. This means we seek to pay attention to our environment and our place in space and time. It is a continual movement into the present moment and away from … Continue reading

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The Yoga of Prajna

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We all have experienced moments when suddenly the world takes on a new look. What appeared mundane or inconsequential suddenly has a depth of meaning that we never realized. We sense connections between things that always felt disparate. Instant insights … Continue reading

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The Yoga of Faith

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In Yoga, the act of faith is called Shrada. Through cultivating Shrada we fully embrace our journey, believing completely in our capacity to heal, to overcome, to unfold and to manifest our fullest potential. Shrada is also a deep faith … Continue reading

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