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It is often easy to feel frustration and tension in our fast-paced culture. This negative energy can build up and form grunthis, or energetic knots, in our psyches. These blockages act like logs damming a river, inhibiting its free flow. … Continue reading

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There is a place deep inside your heart that is the very same place that I have within my heart. This sacred space is within all of us, although we usually are unaware of it. This is the place in … Continue reading

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Karma is the actions we engage in, or deeds that we do, that initiate the cycle of cause and effect in our lives.  It’s the ancient wisdom, found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity and other major spiritual traditions, that reminds … Continue reading

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Sacred Space

There is a sacred space in your home.  Perhaps you’ve already discovered it.  If so, this week the invitation is to reconnect with that space and receive what it has to offer you. If you don’t have such a space, … Continue reading

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Be Hungry

Food is a sacred gift. Our relationship with food is the primary determinant of our health and well being. The purer our food, the purer our bodies and our minds. The purer our food, the greater our Prana, or Life … Continue reading

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One Small Thing

Here we are in a new year. It’s a time when most of us contemplate ways in which we would like to improve our lives. We set goals, make resolutions and renew commitments to our personal growth. The process usually … Continue reading

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