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Enlightenment. We’ve all thought about it, yes? How nice it would be to be enlightened! But it seems like a lofty goal, a lifetime pursuit, the climbing of a great mountain step by step, doesn’t it? Being enlightened, however, doesn’t … Continue reading

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Love a Weed

I invite you to take a little walk one day this week, perhaps somewhere close to home. Find a little weed. Maybe it will be peeking up at you from a crack in the sidewalk. It might be growing at … Continue reading

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Pratyaksha, Anumana & Aptavakya

In order to clearly see the world around us and differentiate between reality and illusion, Yoga invites us to be aware of Pratyaksha, Anumana and Aptavakya as primary sources of wisdom. Pratyaksha is direct perception: that which we experience through … Continue reading

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Shuddha & Ashudda

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All the great spiritual texts of Yoga warn us of the dangers of desire. It is perfectly normal and wonderful to have goals, aspirations, hopes and dreams. This is how we grow in our lives and move towards fulfilling our … Continue reading

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